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Established 1967

Our Story

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Jay McIlrath worked diligently for Sunland Oil from 1956 until 1967 when he and his wife Mary bought the company. In 1969 they changed the name to Jamar Service, a combination of their two first names. Upon incorporation in 1986 they became Stockton Petroleum Company but maintained the nostalgic moniker 'Jamar' for one of their subsidiaries.

Stockton Petroleum Company was one of Northern California’s first Exxon distributors and remained such until the 2004 transfer to Valero. Built on the tried-and-true values of small business and customer service, SPC prides itself on a longstanding rapport within the oil industry at both the local and statewide levels. 

"As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we are thankful for the support of our loyal customers!" -Lori Toccoli, CEO